Process for Generation of a Nano-wrinkled Substrate and its Applications thereof

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A process for generation of novel nano-wrinkled patterned surfaces useful for a variety of phase transition operations e.g. controlled crystallization of small/macromolecules, condensation and boiling.

Key Features: 

  • A simple, cost effective method for generating nano-wrinkle pattern on soft substrates.
  • This process generates wrinkles having both large curvature, as large as 0.2 nm-1 and large distribution in curvature.
  • The substrates are useful for heterogeneous nucleation, therefore, allow crystallization of protein molecules at low concentration in solution.
  • The patterns are generated on environmentally benign substrates, e.g. polyfdimethylsiloxane] (PDMS), rubbers or soft gels.


  • Crystallization of small molecules and macromolecules, boiling, condensation etc in which heterogeneous nucleation plays an important role.
  • Facilitate screening of specific conditions for yet to be crystallized proteins and other types of molecules. Thus these substrates can be used as universal nucleant.

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