A Process for Generating Miniaturised Replicas of a 2D or 3D Pattern or an Object

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A process for generating miniaturized replicas of the original pattern or an object, which is easier and cheaper to fabricate.

Key Features: 

  • Can be used to generate features which are smaller than the feature size of the original master pattern.
  • Miniaturize large 3-D objects in a wide range of length scales: macroscopic to sub micron.
  • Multiple replicas having different length scales can be simultaneously produced, in different cycles.
  • The initial pattern can be engraved on a planar or a curved substrate.
  • The miniaturization can be isotropic or anisotropic.


  • In areas of nanotechnology for micro and nano fabrication.
  • Components of electronics, optical devices, scaffolds for tissue engineering, biological and chemical sensors, patterned   adhesives, carbon MEMS/NEMS, micro battery.

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