A Process for Generating Micro and Sub Macro Patterns on the Surfaces or Layers of Polymers

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Method for creating micro and sub micro sized physical relief patterns on soft solid surface layers at room temperature by pressure-less imprint method, where the deformation on the soft solid surface is predominantly elastic in nature.

Key Features: 

  • Direct patterning in solid state.
  • Deformation of the soft solid surface layer in conformal contact with the stamp leading to the pattern transfer is predominantly elastic in nature.
  • Use of a flexible patterned foil as the stamp for patterning, allowing excellent pressure less conformal contact and high fidelity pattern transfer.
  • No application of uniform external pressure for pattern transfer.
  • Possible to generate two dimensional ordered patterns by multiple imprinting.


  • Micro patterning of polymer surfaces for electronic and biomedical applications.
  • MEMS-Based Micro fuel cell systems for portable power applications.
  • Surfaces for nanobiotechnology applications like bio sensors, drug delivery etc.

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