A Process for Compression of Surveillance Video Data for Long Storage in Smaller Storage Medium

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Multilayered background models of static camera data for summarization, compression and 2.5D analysis

Key Features: 

  • The aim of surveillance video summarization is to automatically identify high-value information events in a video stream and to present them to user
  • Video information is invariably extremely heavy and hence time consuming to view and summarize as well as space consuming to store
  • By extracting the foreground objects in static camera video, we develop a method by which the entire video can be viewed in much lesser time without losing a feel of continuity 
  • Improved video compression algorithm, which eliminates the redundancy in the frames before processing through any standard video encoder and hence reducing the enormous storage space required for raw video 
  • It also includes 2.5D analysis of the static camera video with the help of the extracted stationary foreground objects and processing these objects with different morphological operations


  • For long video data storage in smaller storage medium

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