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  • Innovators who have successfully completed project under PRISM Phase-I or Innovators who have successfully demonstrated proof of concept with the support of other Government Institutions / Agencies and who desires to take innovation to market by becoming Technopreneur.
  • The innovators who have availed financial support from other Government Institutions / Agencies must obtain certificate from Competent Financial Authority of relevant Government Institutions / Agencies clearly indicating that there is no loan or any other financial liabilities pending with the Innovator.
  • The proposals shall preferably be in the following focus sectors: Green Technology, Clean Energy, Industrially utilizable smart materials, Waste to wealth, Affordable healthcare, water & sewage management, any other technology or knowledge intensive area.

Scope & Support

  • Project cost more than Rs 35.00 lakhs and up to Rs 100.00 lakhs.
  • Proposals by independent Innovator and the proposed activities aim at improving market access by carrying out such value added work like adding product / process features/ protection by patenting/ aesthetic design, limited production for market seeding etc as per approved business plan.
  • Maximum support under this category is Rs 50.00 lakh or 50% of the approved project cost, whichever is lower and innovator need to raise resources for balance of the project cost.
  • IPR generated in the project, if any, shall belong to the beneficiary i.e. to the innovator and DSIR shall not have any rights on the IPR.
  • The support will aim at to scale up the innovation for initial trials/ testing/user

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