Prism Phase 1 Category II

Government of India
Department of Scientific and Industrial Research
PRISM_ Phase-I: Individual Innovator Proposals
Category II: Fabrication of Working Model/Process Know-how/Testing &
Trial/Patenting/Technology Transfer



  • Any Indian Citizen having innovative idea or an invention

Scope & Support

  • Project cost more than Rs. 5.00 lakh and up to Rs. 35.00 lakh.
  • Category II is different from Category I in respect of comparatively more rigorous demonstrability of original idea/invention/know-how in the form of working prototype/processes and its testing and trial/patenting/technology transfer etc.
  • Proposals to demonstrate novel delivery models to take S&T innovations to effect inclusive growth.
  • The proposals shall preferably be in the following focus sectors: Green Technology, Clean Energy, Industrially utilizable smart materials, Waste to wealth, Affordable healthcare, Water & sewage management, any other technology or knowledge intensive area.
  • Maximum support under this category is Rs 20.00 lakh or 90% of the approved project cost, whichever is lower.


  • The proposals can be submitted to the nearest TePP Outreach cum Cluster Innovation Centres (TOCICs). The innovators can meet coordinators of TOCICs and take their advice before submitting the application.
  • The proposals directly received at DSIR will also be forwarded to relevant TOCIC for counselling/ local screening.
  • The proposals initially will be screened for completeness at the point of receipt, by the coordinators of TOCICs.
  • The proposals after initial Screening are evaluated by the Domain Knowledge Experts associated with the TOCIC.
  • The TOCICs will send complete and evaluated proposals to DSIR for further action. The proposals will be considered in PRISM Advisory and Screening Committee (PASC) for recommendation.
  • The sanction will finally be released to those that are approved by the Department. The applicant has to sign "Terms & Conditions" prior to the actual release of grants-in-aid.
  • The first release is based on milestones/deliverables projected in the project proposals and as recommended by PASC. The subsequent releases are based on assessment of progress of the project by Project Review Committee (PRC).
  • The approved projects will be monitored by TOCIC/ other network partners including technical expert(s). TOCIC will be periodically reporting project status to DSIR at an interval of 3 months. The PRCs consisting of external experts will meet at least once in nine months to review the progress of the project.
  • The project completion report will be accepted by the Competent Authority in the DSIR based on PRC recommendation after successful closure of the project.

Limiting conditions

  • The proposals involving software development, only patenting and for basic scientific research having no immediate commercial implications will not be accepted for consideration under PRISM. Software embedded projects and patenting along with prototype development are eligible for support.
  • Students will have to provide a `No Objection Certificate

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