A Printing based method of fabricating a metal oxide thin film and its device component thereof

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A process for printing the thin ZnO films by ink jet printing

Key Features: 

  • A process for printing the ZnO thin films by ink jet printing by carefully controlling the conditions such as ink viscosity, temperature and other process parameters.
  • It deposits continuous and porosity free thin films of ZnO with controlled thickness and desirable functional characteristics on indium tin oxide coated glass substrates.
  • The use of temperature to form a continuous thin film with wetting to the substrate, and film annealing conditions
  • Method can be integrated with printing of other layers with greater ease due to process similarity
  • Suited for large area printing of organic solar cells as well other large area organic devices
  • Cost effective reasonably quick method with very less wastage of ink as compared to spin coating technique


  • Manufacturing companies involved in fabrication of electronics and optical devices with a focus on large area devices and utilizing ZnO as core component, for example organic solar cells, sensors etc
  • Organic and inorganic electronic device manufacturing industries

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