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AC to DC power supply for telecom exchanges is designed which works with one-two-or three phase input without any manual or automatic phase changer. There is also no de-rating of output power as the number of input phase changes.

Key Features: 

  • The plant works with either one, two, or three phases as per availability, and produces a 48 VDC output The use of a four leg diode bridge to achieve this objective is a part of the novelty.
  • Special control algorithms are embedded in the control architecture to achieve this wide input range of voltage variation.
  • Appropriate control algorithm is incorporated in the design to avoid chattering of the converter if the input voltage persists at the pass-though limit.


  • Any isolated AC-DC power supply where the input AC comes from a unreliable three phase grid.
  • Telcom power plant was the targeted application in this case. However, the idea is applicable to any three phase AC to DC rectifier with a unreliable AC input.

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