A Photo Electrochemical Water Splitting Device

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Versatile Approach to Improve the Photostability of Dye using Click Chemistry as Tool.

Schematic representation of clicked assembled dye-TiO2 Photoanode for DSPECs

Key Features: 

  • Versatile approach to anchor the dyes over the semiconductor Photoanodes
  • Click chemistry approach for long term stable performance of dye sensitized photoelectrochemical water splitting
  • Uniform/monolayer coverage of dyes
  • Tailored assembly of dye/catalyst provides the flexibility to proposed approach for fabricating the different dye-semiconductor Photoanodes
  • High dye loading and less dye aggregation because of the presence of triazole linkage
  • Increased stability through triazole linkage between dye-semiconductor catalyst and semiconductor catalyst-substrate
  • Control over the distance between dye and semiconductor for rapid charge transfer
  • Easy scale up.


  • Energy Sectors
  • Biological Imaging
  • Sensors, etc.

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