Peltify’- Wearable device for Thermoregulation

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A Thermoelectric device based on Peltier Module

Thermoelectric device based on Peltier Module



Key Features: 

  • A peltier module is used to regulate the body temperature by supplying small electric charge through it.
  • Thermoregulation of one’s body temperature by placing a Thermoelectric module in contact with pulse point(Carotid Artery) in neck region and a one wire temperature sensor is programmed to detect body temperature and change to cooling or heating mode automatically.
  • Change in polarity of peltier module makes the cooling side heating and heating side into cooling
  • People can maintain their body temperature when they are not in a climate controlled environment


Micro enterprises like

  • Vegetable Vending
  • Hair styling
  • Cloth Ironing
  • Home Cleaning

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