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A design of a flapping wing flying vehicle

Completely assembled Ornithopter

Key Features: 

  • Robust, modular design
  • The overall design is different from other commercial ornithopters in terms of the design of the wing design, fuselage and tail control.
  • The wing design uses a specific arrangement of ribs to have the desired shape during upstroke and downstroke.
  • The wing generates a characteristic twist distribution and has a superior flying performance. The endurance of the ornithopter is 30mins and specific power consumption of 30W/kg.
  • Entire kinematics is driven by a single motor and passive deformation is achieved with flexible wing.
  • The control of the vehicle is through bird like tail driven by servos.


  • RC hobby market in India as a radio controlled Ornithopter for hobbyists
  • Bio-mimicking Stealth UAV
  • For surveillance of hostile airspace, hazardous area

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