A Novel Viscoelastic Media used for a Nano-Finishing of Materials Through Abrasive Flow Machining Process and a Method of Manufacture thereof

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Novel viscoelastic media for a nano-finishing of materials through abrasive flow machining process.

Key Features: 

  • The media is viscoelastic in nature.
  • The machining of heterogeneous material is carried out at nanoscale.
  • The new media has only three ingredients i.e., viscoelastic carrier(s), abrasive(s) and oil(s] that contributes to low cost and easy to customize.
  • The fabrication method is easy, fast, safe and environment friendly.
  • The media is useful for all types of existing abrasive flow machining processes.


  • Grinding, deburring, radiusing, leveling of surface, polishing, etc. on flat/contour/3D edge(s) features both on internal and external surfaces(s).

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