A Novel Self Powered, Intelligent Pipe Health Monitoring Robot (PHMR) for Inspecting Gas Pipe line

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Versatile Pipe Health Monitoring Robot (PHMR) for Gas Pipe Line Inspection

  1. Back Plate
  2. Battery housing
  3. Wheel Assembly
  4. Flexible joint
  5. Magnetic sensor housing
  6. Turbine
  7. Magnet housing
  8. Magnet housing

Pipe Health Monitoring Robot (Isometric view)

Key Features: 

  • It is a self-propelled autonomous robot which can travel inside the pipe with variable diameter up to ±5 %.
  • The robot is equipped with magnetic, optical and piezoelectric sensors to detect different types of anomalies.
  • Passive system as it does not require any kind of external power source for its motion
  • Size modularity according to the functional requirement.
  • Suspension based wheel assembly
  • Self-locking braking mechanism & Flexible Joint between modules
  • Back Plate Designs to control speed of the robot according to the requirement
  • Sonic Communication for position monitoring
  • On board data acquisition, storage and compression & GUI for Data Acquisition. & consists of piezoelectric sensors to detect the indent on the inner surface of pipes.


  • Gas Pipeline Monitoring

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