A Novel Functionally Graded Polymer(s)/Polymeric Nanocomposite(s) [FGP(s)]/FGPNC (s)] having Glass Transition Temperature Variation and a Process for Preparation thereof

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A novel functionally graded polymer[s)/polymeric nanocomposite [s] [FGP(S)/FGPNC(sJ] having a variation of glass transition temperature including other.

Key Features: 

  • Large scale gradation of FGMs is possible.
  • Can be used for wide range of temperatures.
  • The gradation of nanocomposites comprises a varying particles size and volume fraction of nanoparticles(s) and processing oil(s) in rectangular and cylindrical and other complex geometries.
  • High strength to weight ratio properties, exceptional temperature and corrosion resistance, high fatigue strength, excellent impact resistance and many enhanced properties are achieved.


  • Applications, viz., automobile, aircraft, space craft, sports, etc.
  • Various types of composite materials can be obtained, i.e., polymer matrix including thermoplastic and thermosetting, ceramic matrix, etc.

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