Novel Donor-Acceptor Fluorene Scaffoflds: A Process and uses thereof

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Donor-Acceptor 9-Uncapped Fluorenesand Fluorenones as Stable Blue Light Emitters.

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  • A highly rapid novel synthesis of a new series of donor-acceptor fluorenes, fluorenones and their rt-conjugated systems.
  • The Compounds are prepared by reacting 2H-pryan-2-ones in isolated or rigid conformations with cyclic ketones containing methylene carbonyl moiety in the pressure of base in an organic solvent.
  • A process for the oxidation of the novel donor-acceptor fluorenes & related diarylmethane compounds to corresponding novel donor-acceptor fluorenones or diarylcarbonyl compounds.
  • Helps to overcome the problem of 'Green emission defect' which occurred due to conversion of fluorenes to fluorenones which show emission mainly in green-yellow region.


  • Preparing electronic devices such as OLEDs, photovoltaic/solar cell, field effect transistors and other useful electroluminescent devices
  • A possible solution to overcome the problem of 'Green Emission Defect'

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