New Blue Fluorescent Marker for Protein Labeling: Specific and Facile reaction with Tyrosine

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Design and synthesis of a coumarin based fluorescent marker as an amino acid probe

Key Features: 

  • A fluorescent marker (NPCE) is synthesized by a single step procedure, which covalently and specifically binds to tyrosine amino acid residue.
  • It is highly fluorescent having high quantum yield and shows extreme site specificity
  • The marker does not itself act as a chemical denaturant for the protein molecule and does not produce any significant change in the secondary structure of the protein.
  • NPCE shows high positive solvatochromic behavior which can be utilized to probe domain specific folding and unfolding of the protein efficiently.
  • No expensive equipments were required for the synthesis.
  • Large scale production is possible.


  • Field of biochemistry and Biotechnology

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