Multielement focused ion beam system using an intense microwave plasma

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Versatile multielement focused ion beam system that utilizes intense collimated microwave plasma.

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  • The system consists of a plasma production region, a beam extraction and focusing column, and an experimental region where the focused ion beams are made to impinge on a substrate.
  • Plasma confinement using.
  • minimum B multicusp magnetic field facilitate uniform, unmagnetized axial plasma in the central region from where the beams are extracted.
  • This is the first system in the world that utilizes microwave plasma and offers advantages both in terms of higher plasma densities, lower ion energy spread and plasma stability.
  • Expected to increase the range of applications in nanoscale milling, implantation, creation of nanopores, etc, by having the provision of focused ion beams of a variety of elements.


  • Useful in all nanoscience and technology laboratories including industries where the application of submicron to nanofocused ion beams of a variety of elements are required

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