Microvalves for Fluidic Applications

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Microvalve to regulate the flow of analytes to the microfluidic devices

Fabricated microvalve

Key Features: 

  • Mechanically operated microvalve for regulation of micro-liter volumes of the fluids through the flexible tubings without contacting the fluid in microfluidic devices
  • It Can be fabricated in any material which is machinable and have sufficient strength
  • It Uses simple DC motor to regulate the flow in flexible tubings, hence the generation of heat during the operation is not there
  • It does not require different ratings for plunger/stem force
  • It is Simple and easy to use multipurpose microvalve


Microfluidic companies

  • Clinical and veterinary diagnostics
  • Industrial and environment
  • Drug delivery
  • Micro reaction technology
  • Analytical devices
  • Pharmaceutical and life sciences
  • Point of care diagnostics

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