Micropattern Generation with Pulsed Laser Diffraction

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US8545945 B2

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Demonstration of an ultrafast method of beyond-the-master patterning of thin polymer films using diffraction of a single pulse of nanosecond laser.

Key Features: 

The patterns generated by this method have interesting and unique characteristics compared to other lithography and self-organization-based methods -

  • The patterns are in the form of an open latticework structure consisting of fine lines with line-widths one to two orders of magnitude smaller than the mask openings.
  • The pattern geometry is far more complex than the mask geometry.
  • Both the pattern length scales and morphology can be modulated by changing the film thickness.
  • In a single laser shot some very regularly shaped enclosures of thin raised lines can be fabricated that may be useful for microarray applications.


  • Micro fluidics.
  • Microarray applications (eg. Molecular biology].
  • Nano-imaging and Bioimaging in diagnostics and bio sensing, tissue Engineering.

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