Microfluidic Chip Holder

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Microfluidic chip holder for multipurpose use.

Microfluidic Chip Holder with exterior chip holder and interior fluidic assembly units


Key Features: 

  • Simplifies the integration of many fluidic ports, and other components on to a single miniaturized platform.
  • Provides a portable multipurpose Microfluidic Chip Holder to hold the sample substrates of different sizes and shapes intact.
  • Facilitates the provision for temperature sensors, electrodes, leads of pressure transducers etc., for in-situ measurement of pressure drop, temperature and current/potential.
  • Provides a facility for liquid holdup from microliter to milliliter range.
  • Provides a back and forth movement of spring operated clips (for sample holding) and interior fluidic assembly unit.


R&D sectors of Microfluidic companies like:

  • Clinical and veterinary diagnostics
  • Industrial and environment
  • Drug delivery
  • Microreaction technology
  • Analytical devices
  • Pharmaceutical nd life sciences
  • Point of care diagnostics

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