A Method of Varying Threshold Voltage in MOSFETs

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Multiple threshold voltage metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor [MOSFET) devices can be fabricated by varying the selective buried oxide opening under the body of the transistor at an early stage of the processing with no requirement of extra processing time.

Key Features: 

  • For the same processing parameters of implant dose and thermal processes, the threshold voltage of a bulk silicon MOSFET and silicon on insulator (SOI) MOSFET are different
  • The threshold voltage of the selective BOX is a function of the opening size in the BOX.
  • The threshold voltage of MOSFET fabricated with openings in the buried oxide (BOX) will lie between those for bulk silicon and SOI MOSFETs


  • Building circuits requiring multiple threshold transistors with SELBOX processing technology.
  • Gives design flexibility to circuit designers.
  • Low power dissipation parts of the circuits can use high threshold voltage transistors.
  • High speed parts of the circuit may be designed with low threshold voltage transistors


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