Method for the synthesis of y-FE203

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A line based image matching method for retrieving a model image indexed by similar shape describers to a query image from an image database indexed by line based shape describers.

Key Features: 

  • Technologically important gamma Fe203 is prepared by a furnace less, one step process, employing microwaves in unison with the principle of self catalyzed combustion reaction.
  • The novel method emphasizes the selective isolation of the gamma phase against the alpha phase by a judicious choice of the reactant mixture and control of processing conditions.
  • Successful doping of Co ions in gamma Iron oxide is also achieved up to 10% with indication of no impurity phase.
  • The method uses microwave radiation and inorganic precursors accompanied by the rapidness of the product formation which modifies the surface and magnetization properties.


  • Useful for magnetic recording and storage industry.
  • Biomedical applications such as malignant hyperthermia treatments.


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