Method for Preparation of Graphitic Carbon Micro-Nanofiber-based Electrodes, Asymmetrically dispersed with Bimetal Nanoparticles

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Synthesis of Asymmetric Architecture of bimetal Nanoparticles-dispersed Graphitic Carbon Micro-Nanofibers (ACFs/CNFs)-based Electrodes

Schematic for the fabrication of electrodes

Key Features: 

  • Synthesis of transition bimetal NPs-dispersed carbon micro-nanofibers-based electrodes.
  • The prepared electrodes are stable and inexpensive and can be used as an alternative of noble metals-based electrodes, such as Pt, Au.
  • It has unique architecture of asymmetrically distributed bimetals.
  • Prepared hierarchical carbon web contained the graphitic CNFs, which increased the conductivity of the produced material.
  • It facilitated the conditions for the growth of biofilm on the anode and acted as a catalyst to reduce atmospheric oxygen at the cathode.


  • Useful to manufacturers of energy generation devices such as microbial fuel cells, hydrogen fuel cells, methanol fuel cells, dye-sensitized solar cells, and Li-ion batteries

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