A Method of Measuring BMP signaling using BMP responsive reported cell line

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This is a cell based tool developed to screen to BMP-like drugs which may help treat Osteoporosis

Key Features: 

  • This cell line is developed using genetically modified mouse and a DNA construct has all the necessary ingredients to screen for drugs that may act as BMP
  • The construct also contains an antibiotic resistance cassette to ensure selection of stably transfected cells
  •  A new construct where all the necessary genetic elements are included in one construct
  • Unique cell line with improvement of signal to noise ration in BMP signaling
  • Incorporated two reporter genes which report BMP-specific reporter activity


  • Screening of BMP agonist drug molecules
  •  It is the first of its kind cell-based BMP signaling activity measurement tool
  •  BMP signaling seems to be critical for maintenance of bone health and loss of it seems to be correlated with osteoporosis, an incurable disease at present

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