Method of Manufacturing of Carbon Nano Tube Coated Glass Fiber/ Fabric and its Hybrid Nanocomposites

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Process of preparation carbon nanotube coated glass fib er (s)/fabric and its hybrid nanocomposites with improved thermomechanical and other properties.

Key Features: 

  • For the synthesis of CNTs, simple thermal CVD is used.
  • CNTs on glass fiber comprise high aspect ratio.
  • Dip coating process is used.
  • Suited for high temperature as glass transition temperature for this invention is higher.
  • The process is carried out at comparatively low temperature resulting in lower processing cost.
  • Better thermal stability electrical conductivity, higher strength, improved storage modulus is achieved.


  • Agriculture: silos and tanks.
  • Aircraft and aerospace: structural members.
  • Appliance & Business Equipments: covers, enclosures and fittings.
  • Corrosion resistant Equipments: linings, oil industry components.

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