A Method for Estimating Strain at a Location Buried within a Deformable Object Using an Embedded Tracer grid

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A method for measurement of strain at a location buried inside a soft, optically transparent body like a hydrogel and also dynamic evolution of the strain when the body is subjected to external loading or fracture.

Key Features: 

  • Development of mechanical tests by using soft gel embedded with a planer tracer grid for studying deformation and fracture.
  • Combining two different ideas: welding two blocks of same crosslinkable material like hydrogel without use of any second material and placing a tracer grid on the surface of the crosslinkable material.


  • For designing gel based optical load sensor for measuring very small loads.
  • Safety valves and optical switches.
  • For gel labeling useful for gel electrophoresis purposes As a tool for in situ measurement of mechanical properties of soft tissue in biomedical applications.

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