A Method and System for Human Gesture based on Visual Contour Analysis

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Background reflectance modelling for robust finger gesture detection in highly dynamic illumination

Key Features: 

  • An aim to develop accessory-free interface for communication and computation without requirement of any specified gadgets such as finger markers, coloured gloves, wrist band or touch screen
  • Various types of gestures can be detected by finding fingertip point locations in a dynamic changing foreground projection with  varying illumination on an arbitrary background using visual segmentation by reflectance modelling
  • It has been termed dynamic illumination enviornment as the projected light is liable to change continously both in time and space and also varies with the content displayed on coloured or white surface


  • It facilitates an accessory-free interface for communication and computation without requirement of any specified gadgets such as finger markers, coloured gloves, wrist band or touch screen

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