A Method and System for Generating Correct 3D Geometry of Moving Object using Laser Scanning

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This invention makes it possible to develop 3D models through laser scanning of moving objects, thus eliminating the limitation of conventional laser scanning which demands the objects to be stationary.

Key Features: 

  • The laser scanner coordinates are first georeferenced in global coordinate system.
  • The trajectory of the moving object is observed using a POS system kept on the object.
  • The laser scanner coordinates are integrated with the moving object trajectory after time synchronization between these.
  • A method uses the above and applies correction to laser scanner coordinates to bring them back to a relative coordinate system which is equivalent to eliminating the motion distortion.


  • 3D modelling of large ships which cannot be kept stationary.
  • Ship damage assessment while ship is moving.
  • Experimental laser cross-section determination of ships.
  • 3D as-built modelling of large aerostat balloons.
  • 3D as-built modelling of large air-balloons.

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