A Method and Apparatus for the Formation of Patterns on Surfaces and an Assembly and Alignment of the Structure thereof

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A lithographic method which enables erasable patterning and in situ transformable patterns in elastomeric films.

Key Features: 

  • The novelty of the invention is the use of intermolecular/ intersurface interactions and the instabilities engendered by these soft elastomeric films for the application of lithography.
  • The invention makes it possible to generate erasable and in situ transformable patterns.
  • Patterns on a silicon containing elastomeric film can be preserved by exposing the patterns to UV emissions.
  • A single stamp can yield a multitude of patterns.
  • • The patterns are directly generated in the solid phase.


  • Modern electronic industry, biotechnology display devices, data storage, biological sensors,novel diagonistic applications for lab-on-a-chip devices, MEMS devices microfluidics etc.

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