A Medium for Nanofinishing of Complex Component's Internal/External Surface and a Method for Preparation thereof

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Method of preparing polymeric composition comprising of multiple polymers, rheological additives and abrasive particles to nano-finish simple to complex internal as well as external surfaces.

Key Features: 

  • Cost effective medium composition for nano-finishing of complex component’s internal/external surfaces.
  • Surface finishing of AL alloy/ SiC metal matrix composites.
  • The average ‘out-of-roundness’ of AISI 4340 hard steel circular tubes is improved from 3.38 pm to 1.56 pm (i.e., 54% improvement) when finished with this medium.
  • The single midium can be used for finished of macro and micro holes/components.


  • Medical industry: Finishing of knee joint, hip joint, heart valves etc.
  • Aerospace: Finishing of turbine blades, turbine blade turbulent holes etc.
  • Automobile: Finishing of fuel injector nozzles, engine cylinders, etc.
  • Deburring, radiusing and finishing of machined castings, and extrusion dies, etc.

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