A Magnetic Conductive Polymer for Read and Write Head and a Process for Preparation thereof

Patent Status: 

Patent Granted

Indian Patent Applicaton No: 




US Patent No: 

6,627,101 B2


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A magneto-conductive polymer compostion for read an write head and process for preparation for use in magnetic storage devices

Key Features: 

  • A magnetic polymer composite comprising 60-90% by weight of polymer, 10-40% by weight of magneto resistive alloys and 5-30% by weight of additive.
  • Prepared by the process by dissolving 60-90% by weight of the polymer in a solvent to obtain a clear colorless solution.
  • Adding the alloy and additive to this solution and agitating the mixture at a frequency of 15-20kHz to get a dispersed magneto resistive alloy in the said polymer solution.


  • Used as polymer magneto resistive alloy composite coating in avionic tube applications

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