A Lithography Based Two Stage Reservoir in an Electrolyte Insulator Semiconductor Device

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Method for large scale manufacturing of single devices as well as arrays of sensors of application specific designs

Key Features: 

  • The double lithographic technique, using photoresist as the material, is used to create a "two step" reservoir in a non-flow EIS device.
  • The two step design - this design provides a better protection of the dielectric layer from the vapor deposited metal electrode.
  • This enables a reliable fabrication of the electrode which is the critical component.
  • The process fits into the semiconductor manufacturability processing scheme.


  • The device is a miniaturized pH meter capable of handling small volumes (~ microliters).
  • It has applications in companies that need analytical testing/detection: Pharmaceutical/biomedical, Chemical Process, Food/Beverage and Environmental Testing companies.

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