An Integrated Microchip for the Detection of a Biological Cell

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Integrated counter, sorter, concentrator and real time PCR based biochip system for sensitive detection of cells.

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  • Design, fabrication and testing of a silicon, PDMS hybrid biochip with integrated capabilities of DEP based concentration, specific sorting of cells and molecular identification of types of cells in a single platform.
  • Couples the powerful selectivity of immuno-recognition, the selective high yield capture using dielectrophoresis and the highly specific molecular identification offered by the RT-PCR. Detection limit of 103cfu/mL corresponding to 30 bacterial cells with a capture yield of 75% and a total assay time of less than 3 hours.
  • The invention claims to produce a complete lab-on-a-chip for DNA sequencing  applications in which the whole DNA sequencing steps (amplification, purification, electrophoresis) would be integrated on a bio chip using nano litre-scale sample volumes. The sequencing can be performed both bacterial and mammalian cells.


  • Cell detection in the food, water samples.
  • Pharmaceutical company, Research labs, Micro fabrication Industries, Diagnostic laboratories and startup companies with the theme of Lab on chip technology development.

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