An Improved Organic Light Emitting Diode and Improved Light Emitting Diode for Tuning the White Emission and Process for Fabrication thereof

Patent Status: 

Patent Filed

Indian Patent Applicaton No: 

1532/ DEL/ 2005

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Organic room temperature UV emiting device which also emit white light.

Key Features: 

  • Fabrication of organic LEDs is done by Si chain backbone polymers with organic side groups
  • UV emission from polysilanes is converted to visible emission and white light for flat panel display and home lighting respectively
  • Organic LEDs offer various advantages over inorganic LEDs: easy processability,large area devices, flexible if made on plastic surface, high efficiency, large viewing angle and high brightness
  • The challenge is to get room temperature UV, NUV emission from LEDs made of these material.


  • Industries involved in making "Information Displays” & "Lighting”.

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