Identification of Vascular Deformation

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A medical device that monitors physiological flows in the human body with the goal of identifying vascular deformation in blood vessels

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  • It includes an imaging device for the identification of vascular deformation of blood vessels in a human subject.
  • A 2-camera particle tracking module determines three instantaneous velocity components of biosensors introduced in the blood vessel.
  • Includes a flow statistics calculation module that quantifies the extent of chaos in the moving fluid. The numerical data thus obtained quantifies the degree of vascular deformation.
  • A low cost device for vascular deformation that eliminates the need of costly MR1 & CT scans.
  • The quantity of contrast agent to be provided is small when compared to MRI and CT based angiography.
  • Practically non-invasive and uses inexpensive white light.
  • Chaotic indicators scale with wall deformation and serve as a numerical count for the appearance of an aneurysm.


  • Industrial Applications in Bio medical, Healthcare automation, medical equipment.


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