A Hybrid Ink Formulation and a Method for Preparing the same

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Oxide nanoparticle incorporated organic dielectric ink, is used to enhance the dielectric constant of organic dielectric.

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  • The hybrid ink containing inorganic nano-particles having high dielectric constant that enhances the dielectric  constant of the organic host material .We also claim the process to incorporate >50 wt% inorganic nano-particles in organic ink.
  • Formulation of a water based hybrid dielectric ink.
  • PVA solution in water is not readily printable because of its high viscosity and surface tension. We have formulated PVA ink and have printed capacitors using inkjet printing on PET substrate using the same.
  • Concept of Ti02 nano-particle incorporation in PVA to enhance the dielectric constant of organic dielectric.
  • We have invented a process to incorporate >50 wt% Ti02 nanoparticles in PVA ink. The same has also been used for Inkjet printing of Ti02 nanoparticle incorporated PVA layer.


  • Organic transistor or capacitor with minimum threshold or operating voltage can be printed easily using our technology.
  • It will be a crucial input in development of large number of organic devices that can be fabricated using printing, like organic thin film transistor or organic capacitor on flexible substrate like plastic or metal sheet, and also as passivation layer of OLED and solar cell.
  • This film will act as a UV.

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