A Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine for Augmenting Torque

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A method for increasing energy capture and torque, utilizing core region flow of a horizontal wind turbine.

Key Features: 

  • The core region flow around the nacelle is utilized for augmentation of torque and power.
  • An intake duct positioned in front of the nacelle channels core region flow into the ducts running inside rotor blades. This flow emerges tangentially at the blade tip to create an additional torque.
  • Further the rotating blades propel air radially outward through ducts and create much suction at the intake and this draws in greater volume of oncoming wind leading additional power.


  • The present invention is applicable to all wind turbines with hollow blades.
  • The invention is useful for companies that are engaged in production of small, medium and large wind turbines for battery charging, remote area small grid operation and contributing megawatts to utility grids.

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