Hierarchical Porous Monoliths and Methods for their Preparation and Use

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Synthesis of hierarchically porous carbon material

Key Features: 

  • Developed a hierarchically porous carbon material of very high BET surface area of ~ 2500 m2/g
  • Single-step sol-gel process based on co-assembly of organic-inorganic precursors along with micro/nano phase separation induced by the ongoing polymerization.
  • Tuneable porosity in meso /micro /macro –domains
  • Superior material properties in terms of mechanical stability, pore size distribution, material transport throughout the monolith
  • Good catalytic support


  • Catalyst support
  • Environmental remediation (air, water and hazardous materials purification)
  • Electrochemical devices
  • Li-ion batteries
  • Water purification
  • Gas storage devices
  • Super capacitors

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