A Heat Recurperating Microcombustor

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The microcombustor design proposes a thermal flame stabilization method for high momentum flows encountered in practice and based on thermal recycle by creating a thermally isolated zone within the microcombustor structure

Key Features: 

  • Incorporates nitrogen containing inner core into the combustion zone to quickly store the heat liberated in the initial stages of flame stabilization when extinction of flame is most likely
  • Shape factor of the proposed design is suitable for deployment in propulsion or electric power generation applications
  • Materials (steel and ceramic) used commonly for building small-scale devices can be employed in the construction of this microcombustor


  • Asa source of propulsive energy for micro air vehicles and microsatellites
  • As a source of heat in thermoelectric and thermo photovoltaic energy converters for applications to consumer electronics and hand-held communication devices, etc.

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