A Green Process for fabrication of Binary Masks with Isolated features for Micromachining and Photolithography

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A method for fabrication of binary masks with high fidelity for UV laser micromachining of arbitrary shapes and feature sizes ranging from 100 to 0.5 microns.

Key Features: 

  • It results in a mask (upto few cm2 of coverage area) with good thermal stability, high damage threshold for the machining laser and robust handling properties.
  • Can render UV laser machining units reasonably independent.
  • The same laser machining unit can be utilized for self generating the required masks for using mask projection micro machining.


  • Potential in RFID tag manufacturing.
  • Surface texturing for Bio medical application.
  • Heat transfer applications and diffractive optical elements.
  • Photonic structured materials for photonic communications devices.
  • Semiconductor industry.
  • Metamaterial structures for infra-red materials.
  • Masks required for organic photovoltaics industry.

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