A Glove Box for Electric-Field Annealing and Fabrication of Organic Electronic Devices

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Designing the ante-chamber of a glove box and fabrication of Electronic devices.

Key Features: 

  • Prevents the unexpected degradation of organic semiconductor layers caused by the exposure to the open air while transferring them from glove box to a different chamber.
  • No extra vacuum chamber or additional extension box is required to attach to the main glove box saving the overall space and cost.
  • Fabrication is easier and user-friendly.
  • Experiments with electric-field can be done in vacuum and also other gas ambient according to the requirement using the separate gas inlet (109) proposed in the design.


  • It can be used for temperature dependent current-voltage (I-V) measurements of any devices in vacuum other in the presence of particular gasses.
  • This system also can be used to study the degradation processes of organic solar cells by creating an artificial humid environment in the ante-chamber using the additional gas inlet.

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