Functionally Graded Wide-Band Polymeric Composites for Microwave Absorbers and Method of Manufacturing the same

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Development of functionally graded polymer composite materials (FDPMsj, having a wide range of band gap in microwave-absorbing range.

Key Features: 

  • Functionally graded polymer structure is made with or without any adhesive layer between stacks of composite structure.
  • Gradation in polymer matrix has led to broadband absorption and gives high permittivity on the front side and high permeability on the rare side.
  • Flexible polymer base material is used.
  • Lesser processing cost.


  • In Military applications like stealth technology.
  • Usage in automotive industry as in control devices.
  • Noise resistance of electronic equipments like TV, radio, microwave oven, etc.
  • To minimize electromagnetic interference in electronic and electrical devices by micro-wave absorption technology.

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