Functionally Graded Polymer Nanocomposites/Composites having crosslinking density variation and their manufacture

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A Process is developed where polymeric FGMs are produced from polymer which are available in solid state.

Key Features: 

  •  The gradation of nanocomposites comprises a varying particles size and volume fraction of nanoparticles(s) in rectangular and cylindrical and other geometries
  •  This graded materials having a variation of chemical crosslinking density that graded the performance of materials in the target applications
  •  It has been developed by using polymer matrix(s), nano sized filler(s), curing _ agent(s), accelerator(s) and other | w chemicals  lI'2d.


  •  Applications are in automobiles, aircraft, space-crat,, Tires, etc.
  •  Bio-medical applications like flexible tubing for pacemaker leads, vascular grafts etc.

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