Functionally Graded Magnetic Materials and a Method for Preparation of the same

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Development of a novel functionally graded magnetic material using polymer matrix, nano/micron sized magnetic materials and other chemicals. The gradation of nano/micron particles comprises a varying particles size and weight% in rectangular and cylindrical and other complex geometries.

Key Features: 

  • Magnetically anisotropic functionally graded sheets are used for firm holding.
  • A multilayered functionally graded magnetic structure is possible without any adhesive layer between them.
  • The base material used is polymer so that it can be easily clipped and conform to different structures.
  • A wide range of gradation is possible., 0 to 1200 % by weight.


  • Automotive: (Starter motors. Anti-lock braking systems (ABS), etc)
  • Electronic and Instrumentation: (Sensors, Contactless switches, NMR spectrometer, etc)
  • Industrial:(DC motors for magnetic tools, Robotics, etc)
  • Biosurgical: (Dentures, etc).

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