A Functionally Graded Elastomer Nanocomposites (Fgencs) and a Process for Preparation thereof

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Process to manufacture Functionally graded materials (FGMs) comprising of rubber/elastomer matrix, rubber chemicals and filler, through a simple and inexpensive technique to manufacture the same.

Key Features: 

  • Properties made to vary with outer and inner dimensions of the increasing or decreasing order.
  • 300% improvement in Young's modulus with respect to the homogeneous nanocomposites is observed.
  • These have high mechanical strength, good weight ratio properties, good theromoformability and large-volume production capabilities.


  • Composite manufacturing including polymer matrix like thermoplastic, ceramic matrix, carbon matrix, metal matrix, etc.
  • Applications are in automobiles, aircraft, spacecraft, sports, tires.
  • Bio-medical applications like flexible tubing for pacemaker leads, vascular grafts and catheters.

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