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Fuel vaporizer for obtaining homogeneous air- fuel mixture for homogeneous charge compression ignition [HCCI] engine.

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  • Fuel Vaporizer for preparing homogeneous mixture of fuel and air using waste heat from engine exhaust, which converts liquid fuel droplets into fuel vapor.
  • Fuel is sprayed into a pre-chamber whose walls are heated by engine exhaust.
  • Fuel droplets of the spray impinge on the chamber wall, and vaporize owing to the elevated chamber wall temperature.
  • High velocity air stream is optimally supplied into the chamber, inducing improved air-fuel vapour mixing.
  • The improved homogeneity of the mixture thus forms combustible charge suitable for HCCI combustion, thereby improving the efficiency of HCCI combustion.
  • Simultaneous reduction of NOx and particulate matter (PM) to ultra-low emission levels.


  • Application of this device is in achieving HCCI combustion in internal combustion engines.
  • Automotive majors may be the end user for this because this technology will be helpful in meeting stringent emission norms.

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