Four Dimensional Reconstruction and Charaterization System

Patent Status: 

Patent Filed


US8463021 B2

US Patent No: 

12/883, 649

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An efficient, interactive and easy -to -usefour dimensional reconstruction and analysis system for biomedical images requiring minimal user intervention.

Key Features: 

  • It adopts a strategy where at the effort of mouse click for three or four slices, entire edge detection is performed.
  • It can extract any number of image slices at any arbitrarily orientation from the original 2D slice stack. This step is unique to this algorithm, as it can extract slices non-orthogonal to the original slice stack.
  • Magnetic linking enables to automate the whole process of generation of seed points to detection of edges of the R01 in the actual images to 3D reconstruction.


  • Biomedical imaging industry such as MRI,Ultrasonography, X-ray etc.
  • Microscopy images for biological applications.

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