Formation of Nanoporous Alumina Templates Using Polystyrene Microspheres

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Patterning aluminum surface is an essential step in order form a nanoporous alumina template with regularly arranged pores by anodic-oxidation of aluminum.

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  • A monolayer of self-assembled polystyrene microspheres is formed on the surface of a thin-film of aluminium which has been deposited on a desired substrate.
  • The aluminium thin-film while having the above mentioned monolayer on its surface is anodically-oxidized in a high pH electrolyte to form barrier-type oxide.
  • Monolayer is removed using appropriate solvent.
  • The aluminium thin-film surface now has a pattern on its surface which is consisted of barrier-type alumina formed everywhere except the locations that were protected by the individual microspheres against anodic-oxidation.
  • Such a patterned aluminium thin-film is again anodically-oxidized in a low pH electrolyte to form pores that begin to form right at the locations where no barrier-type alumina is present.
  • In this way the patterned surface of aluminium thin-film ensures the formation of a nanoporous alumina template with regular array of pores in it.


  • Efficient management of a multi-level cache hierarchy in chip-multiprocessors running shared memory multi-threaded applications with cooperatively shared data such as database servers, web servers, etc.

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