A Finishing Device

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A method and apparatus for finishing fiat silicon surface employing Magnetorheological fluids and the fluid compositions used therein.

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  • The developed process is called as "Chemo-mechanical magnetorheological finishing (CMMRF)" which combines the advantages of chemo mechanical polishing (CMP) and magnetorheological finishing (MRF).The best surface roughness value achieved was 0.48 nm.
  • The finishing set-up was similar to MRF process. Flence, flexible polishing pad removes shape limitation on workpiece surface to be finished.


  • Nanofinishing of silicon mirrors which is used in synchrotron beam line.
  • Finishing of single crystal silicon for fabrication of integrated circuit (IC) in electronic industries.
  • Finishing of flat surfaces of different material (metallic and non-metallic) to nano meter level.

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