Facilities Overview

Incubation Space:

Fully furnished, air conditioned space to the incubates. The centre has rooms of three sizes.

  1. The first room is 500 sq. ft.,
  2. The second room is 325 sq. ft. and
  3. The third room is 250 sq. ft.

Besides this, we also have Seminar / Conference Halls.

Upon admission to SIIC, the following facilities will be offered to the incubated companies on an individual basis:

  • Office space.
  • Computers - Up to two on rental basis. More than two can be availed at market rates.
  • Printer.
  • Internet connection.
  • Phone connection - Each company will pay the rentals and bills.
  • Standard Furniture as decided by SIIC.
  • One Accommodation to Director / Promoter depending upon the availability (One room in RA hostel).

Common Infrastructure:

SIIC provides a common pool of hard and soft infrastructure to be shared by all incubated companies. The following resources are provided:

  • Fax machine.
  • Photocopying machine.
  • CD-cutting machine.
  • Document Scanner.
  • Library: Management Books, Subscription to IT, Business, Management and Trade journals and newspapers.
  • Meeting/Conference room with projection equipment.
  • Tele or Video conferencing facilities.

Institute infrastructure:

SIIC may facilitate access to the Institute infrastructure or laboratories as per the norms of IIT Kanpur.


SIIC may associate with professionals for accounting, IP, legal and management expertise on a part-time basis. The incubated companies can avail their services. Any direct services provided to an incubator would have to be paid for by the incubation to the service provider. SIIC will also provide soft infrastructure and business services to the incubated companies. The possible services and support items are listed as follows: 

  • Common secretarial pool/staff.
  • Intern Support: To provide support in management, incubators will be assigned an MBA student, if desired.

Mentoring and Advisory Services:

  • Strategic Checkups: The SIIC Head will meet the company CEOs at least once a month for strategy reviews and discussion of operational issues.
  • An incubated company will have to take a faculty advisor as a mentor on technology issues.
  • Specialized mentors will also be made available to the companies to assist with particular strategic areas or to provide project-oriented consultation. These arrangements may begin as a pro Bono arrangement with an option for both parties to graduate to a paid relationship.
  • An incubated company may avail the consulting services by empanelled professionals.

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